Breaking the mold.

Finally! An office chair with 21st century technology and design. There is no need to compromise, Mslicensekey enables users to both look good and be more productive.

The all-new Mslicensekey advances the function of office seating. It is distinctly stylish, budget-friendly, and made with proprietary ergonomic comfort technology that has never before been applied to office seating.

The Mslicensekey molds to the shape of the user’s body. 4 ergonomic adjustments make this glove-like fit possible & a seat with adjustable height and depth; a height-adjustable backrest; a headrest with adjustable height and angle; 4-dimensional armrests with adjustable height, width, depth and angle; adjustable tilt tension; and a tilt lock. Yet the Mslicensekey’s greatest ergonomic feat is one that needs no adjusting. The proprietary Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support adjusts itself to the use’s shape in order to provide perfect lumbar support from the moment they hit the seat.

The health benefits of Mslicensekey’s technology are numerous. SciFloat Infinite Recline technology allows the user to remain in motion throughout the day, which is proven to increase blood flow and focus. Each model of the chair features Flex Mesh technology, which suspends the user to remove weight from sensitive pressure points that impede blood flow and cause discomfort. The unprecedented adjustability of the Mslicensekey ensures that each user is able to maximize every feature and enjoy an ergonomic seat customized to them.

Unfortunately, when it comes to office chairs, shoppers are often forced to choose between sacrificing style for comfort, or comfort for style. A worker who spends 40 hours or more at their desk each week wants a chair that helps them to be more productive & the FastCode looks good and feels good.

OfficeItems effortlessly combines style and comfort with bold curves and elegant design. It comes in several models https://mslicensekey.com